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Would you like to learn more about taking action during an emergency situation regarding a baby or a child? Do you know what to do when a child has to suddenly be resuscitated? Are you feeling confident enough to adequately take action during an accident? Follow a first aid course for babies and children and learn how you can make a difference in dangerous situations.

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Online Course First Aid for children and babies

Online Course First Aid for children and babies

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What do you learn during a first aid course?

During a first aid course, you will learn how to take life-saving action. You will understand what you have to do when someone chokes, falls from a great height, or what action to take when someone has to be resuscitated.

The ABCDE-method

The first aid course is taught according to the well-known ABCDE-method. With this method, you learn how to look at an accident with a structured approach in mind. This structured approach (ABCDE-method) is used by professionals in the field. You learn how to prioritize which actions to take during an emergency. This gives clarity and makes you confident during a critical moment.

A great course for every parent. I have learned a lot and I now know how to handle in dangerous situations! Susan